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Multiple Kisses

Kissing is probably the most intimate of all. But what does the kiss reveal about the intentions of the other person? There’s a lot more meaning behind a kiss than you think. With the way we hand out kisses, we indirectly reveal our feelings. Which emotions are behind which type of kiss.

Bankok sex

But, to say it right from the start, it is only a small excerpt, only concerns a small part of this dazzling scene for which Bangkok is world famous, and rightly so. The world of the gays, for which the city is also famous in the entire Asian region, as well as the relevant sanunk of the natives are not included in the report

Bangkok, sex and sex tourism, a grateful subject. On the one hand the morally indignant on the other hand various tipsters and relevant guides. Then there is the media, because sex sells.

But who should still know their way around the swamp of night life, red light, prostitution, everything that speaks to the “dark side” of our human soul? The answer is simple: a real sex tourist.

Multiple Dresses

Parents try to teach their children that clothes don’t count. This is wrong. Especially nowadays, the statement “clothes make the man” is more important than ever. And especially for us escort girls. Basically, when booking, the customer also decides about our appearance. Whether the clothes should look more for leisure, business or a little wickedly depends on his choice. The selection is large, our wardrobe in the escort must be oversized accordingly. This is the only way we can really respond to all requests. Escort women who do without it lose customers. So far so good.

Not only the optical effect of our clothes and even underwear is decisive, but also the origin. That means the brand. No-name clothes or clothes by well-sounding names that ultimately have no reputation in fashion and are thrown away as junk may look good. But that is not enough. Cheap clothing is easy to spot today. Customers from higher positions in particular recognize this quite easily. A look at the seam and other processing is often enough for a man with style. The most beautiful dress often becomes the cheapest junk. Branded clothing is important in the escort. Not to make us feel better. No, we also represent the customer. Business people and politicians in particular expect an impeccable appearance. And I think that you can definitely ask for this in the escort. Because at least we get paid for it.

Sandwitch Sex

Trying different sex moves is a good way to reignite passion under the duvet sheets. So why not give this one a go?

According to Lovehoney’s sex and relationship expert Sammi Cole, the Sandwich sex position is great if you’re looking for a tighter and more pleasurable fit.

How do you master it?

You lie flat with your partner on top as he penetrates you from behind.

Then you need to keep your legs closed and his are slightly splayed so they lie outside yours.

The trick to make this position exciting is if you squeeze your legs together – that keeps you tight and instantly makes him feel bigger.

French Sex

The obvious way French are making sex is with the lips. You now how it works, just here of course everything is more intensive with these beautiful escorts.

Multiple Positions

Change your position as much times as you like. Unlike some escorts that will force you to do it only in one position that you choose and will not want to change it during the intercourse.

Bangkok Massage

The famous Bangkok massage that everyone has been talking about. It is not just the sex, but the pleasure that leads you to the culminating part of it.

Indian jodhpur special sex