The ejaculation

Men cum.

Men like to cum.

Men think that’s what it’s about: making them cum.

Even those who also think that you, dear women, should come to your orgasm. The men’s minds are still buzzing: Cumshot, otherwise it was nothing.



Men are, I think I’ve said it before, fixated on looking. Most. More like the visual types. Since people tend to be more of the visual types, men are so especially the visual types. Say: What they do not see, they do not believe. While this leads to such abstruse appearances as adult people, for example, who actually believe that the earth is flat (because when they look over it, it looks pretty flat), this rather masculine quality is also largely responsible for that In porn, the man is only allowed to ejaculate in the woman as an exception. Yes, that falls under “kink” when a man looks at something like that. So the man looks while another comes in a woman. If that is visible. And there we have the problem. From a male point of view. Because you can’t see anything there. Don’t worry, the clever man has come up with something for that too: Cream Pie. One man squirts in the woman’s vagina (and sometimes the anus), pulls out his penis, and the camera shows the sperm running out of the woman so that the other man can see it.

Otherwise, the sperm splashes over the bellies, breasts, mouths, buttocks and other parts of the woman’s body. Do you? Yes we see.


The fact that the man sees what he is doing, what comes out of him, that what comes out, his sperm, and that he can distribute it virtually anywhere and at will on the woman, is of course also a symbol of his power over the woman. Especially when he’s about to squirt in the woman’s face. While he would probably find it disgusting himself, another man or even himself would ejaculate in his face. And when he does, he feels that it is a humiliation. What some men like, of course, no question about it, but others like other methods of being humiliated as well. And the mere fact that a man can feel humiliated by being sprayed or drinking his own sperm or the like, regardless of whether he finds it turning on or not, shows that sperm is power. Ejaculation is a show of force.

Men want power. Men want to see their power confirmed. Men want to affirm themselves in their power. Power over women. Also about other men, of course, but mostly about women. That’s why semen doesn’t matter.

Orgasm without a shot

That’s why the worst thing that can happen to a man is that he doesn’t cum.

If he doesn’t get high, that’s pretty bad. For him. But when he’s got his erection, he’s having sex, but nothing comes out … Then that doesn’t count. By the way: You can ejaculate without an erection. After all.

Nowadays everything is rated on the net. Medicines too. And there are prostate medications, which have a common side effect that there is no longer any ejaculation. Either because there is retrograde ejaculation (the ejaculate flows into the bladder and will be pissed out next time in the toilet), or because there is simply no ejaculation. And in the forums they, the men, grumble about the drug, that that’s the very last thing. Would you rather spend half an hour in the toilet and let it dribble leisurely and get up every half an hour at night than stop squirting?

The men don’t know that nothing will come out if they don’t look. Because it feels exactly the same. So if he weren’t indulging in his porn fantasies, that wouldn’t be a problem. But it is. Solid.

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