The sex addiction

Are you (or were you) addicted to sex? – no

You said so. – Yes.

Not everyone who says they’re addicted to sex is.

Which doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

The excuse

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Celebrities are supposedly just human too. Which is why celebrities who are in a relationship sometimes have sex outside of this relationship. You cheat. You are having an affair. Whatever you call it, they do. And because they are obviously only human, they try to talk their way out of it. In contrast to some other people, however, it is not always so easy for celebrities to talk their way out of it, because they might be captured in images and sound, such as sticking their tongue down their throat, putting their hand on their ass or who they were Have let genitals slide into each other. Stupid. What do you do there?

Still, you don’t admit that you just built a lot of shit. Then you were just sick. Yes, you know how it is with the stars of this world, they take drugs and drink their pears, all addicts before the Lord, and if we know one thing, it is that an addicted celebrity always has a good reason for this addiction, namely that he had it hard as a child, that he had it hard as a star, that he couldn’t deal with fame, that he couldn’t deal with the depression, that everyone else did too. And then he goes to a rehab where he lies by the pool next to the other addicts fallen falling stars and all is well. And he doesn’t have to take responsibility. Well, that can be transferred very well to sex. And he doesn’t have to take responsibility. Because that’s what it’s all about.

So sex addiction is a very welcome excuse for fucking around.

And sex addiction is also an addiction that is associated with a lot of prestige: after all, it shows how potent I am, how masculine when I am a man, how free and unbound and emancipated when I am a woman. Sex addiction, yes, yes, that’s something you can brag about. The stars do it every now and then. And the alleged ones. I think of Nico Schwanz.

The addiction

But sex addiction is actually an addiction. And with it a disease. And maybe one or the other of the people listed really suffered from sex addiction. But the word “suffered” is crucial.

We speak of an addiction when it can no longer be controlled. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that other areas of life are neglected. When the work is no longer done properly, when the family comes up short, when everything revolves around what one is addicted to.

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In many cases this has financial consequences because most addictions are expensive. But that doesn’t matter to a certain extent. Because you need that. Because if you don’t have that, then you feel bad, shit, sick. With many of the so-called substance-related addictions, i.e. the classic drugs, there is massive physical withdrawal with fever and chills and whatnot. In behavioral addictions, when one is addicted to a certain behavior, the reaction to the withdrawal is often no less bad. Nervousness, tremors, aggression, etc. It is no longer possible without it. And there has to be more and more.

The gambling addict has to play. It’s not about pleasure, it’s not about winning, he has long known that he can only lose. Even if he doesn’t admit it to himself. Can’t admit.

Even the sex addict is no longer concerned with lust and its satisfaction. It’s no longer fun. When he’s having sex, he thinks about how to get to the next sex. If he jerks in between, he jerks his penis sore. When he watches porn it goes on for hours and hours and hours. When she needs cock, she doesn’t care who’s on it. And whether this person is healthy. Addiction is when you harm yourself and / or others with it. And still do it.

And anyone who feels all of this because he is actually a sex addict is less likely to run around and brag about it.

The therapy

But sex addiction – like any other addiction – can be treated. Most of the time, this does not take place at a pool somewhere. That takes a deep examination of yourself. It is not enough to say: I won’t do it anymore. If it were that easy, it wouldn’t be addiction.

And then you might realize that it’s not really about sex. Or gambling or heroin or something.

It’s about something else.

Just admitting that to yourself can hurt.

And the escape into addiction is always a supposedly simple solution.

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